Hey there, we are a group of enthusiasts who enjoys promoting the importance of self defence!

We believe that good self-defence is routed in taking steps to minimise the risk of harm coming to both yourself, your family and your property. These steps are usually simple ones such as taking a safe route home, to the more complex ones that involve installing burglar alarms to your homes and perhaps where appropriate using physical intervention and self-defence skills to keep safe.

It is essential that you take steps to learn these skills and pass your knowledge to your children and you friends. This is why it is never too late to start your self-defence training, because the most effective self-defence training actually involves using your mind.

So please at least look into finding a course or session at our site. You need to be aware of just what a good course offers. However a good rule of thumb is a course that focuses on avoidance and awareness, rather than physical fighting skills is actually far more useful that a fighting based class.

So if you sign up for a short course or a class make sure you ask the instructor what the course entails. Ask them if they cover things such as ‘avoidance and awareness’. If the course or class is a quality one then these skills will be a major part. As I stated it’s never to late to start training because self -defence is not about fighting. It is about using your mind to avoid danger and take steps to reduce the risk that you will ever face violence.

Now that you know this, simply go and look for a self defence course today. You have one life and self defence will teach you how to stay safe.